The Story Behind SWLW

Like many other great ideas, it came up while drinking beers with my good friend Aviel Lazar, exchanging our favorite weekly (techie) newsletters. It suddenly came to me that creating a newsletter focused on software leadership and management, could be of value to like-minded professionals, passionate about such challenges.

It was probably the beer talking, but hey, this is something I'm truly in to and I'm reading 50+ articles every week anyway, so why not pick the very best and send it to my peers? One hour of ruthless, alcohol driven development later, using AppHarbor & MailChimp, and everything was up and running!

My goal? save you precious time by delivering high quality content directly to your inbox, every week.

About Oren Ellenbogen

Currently serving a great team as the VP Engineering at Forter.

Previously worked at Commerce Sciences (acquired by Taboola), Delver (acquired by Sears), Mercury (acquired by HP), Israeli Air Force and various small startups as freelancer (ages 16 to 18, before joining the army).

Trying to share what I've learned so far...

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