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Provide your leaders the information and practices to scale the company
Now you can get the quality of SWLW recommendations, personalized to meet your ever-changing organizational challenges. If you’re serving a big group (as a Director/VP/C-level of 15+ people) of lovely humans, Supercharge is for you.
Early Beta users will get a significant discount for the feedback and support in shaping the product.
Personalized for your organizational needs
We will share the content you and your leadership (managers and Senior ICs) team need to be successful at work today. By working closely with you, we will curate the blog posts, videos and books so you could have deeper discussions. Think of us as your own personal curator, working to do the research you need to find the best gems online. You’re busy. We can help.
Focused on your challenges, not topics, keywords or tags
Instead of looking for posts around topics or keywords (e.g. 1:1s, project management, OKRs, KPIs etc) we let you focus on the challenges at hand: “I have many new managers, what should they read to do this right?” or “We’re struggling to introduce OKRs management, product and managers can agree on, how should we approach it?” Business needs change, your focus changes, so does the information you and your leaders need to consume. You can adjust the challenges you want to focus on a monthly basis, and we will follow suit.
“Every week, SWLW makes me think - how can I be a better team leader. #WIN”
Aviel Lazar
Aviel Lazar
Mobile Team Lead at Chegg
How it works?
Pick the challenges you want to focus on this month: Every month we will send you an email with a short form to fill, to understand your organizational challenges so we could curate the resources (blog posts, videos, books etc.) for the month.
Get the information and inspiration in your inbox: You (and your team if you want to) will get a weekly email from us, with 5 recommendations you can share with your managers, senior contributors or the entire team. We will provide a short context around it (why if fits your challenge), so it would make it easier for you to share via email, Slack or 1:1s.
We will optimize for you. We will structure each email from basic to advanced content, and do follow ups to understand the feedback you get about the content: from the engagement you team has with it, to the type of discussions it created and benefits you saw from it. This would help us improve our curation for you.
Challenges we can help you with
“Only currated emails re: entrepreneurship, engineering & getting things done. So much great stuff in a single mailing makes it worthwhile.”
How to introduce and apply OKRs(/KPIs) in the company from management to teams level?
How can we build mentorship programs for our Senior ICs (designers, eng, PM etc) to use?
How to build a career Ladder people will find pragmatic and inspirational?
How can we shift the org structure to Product teams?
We have many new managers in the company. What should they read to set them on the right track?
How can we create a sustainable on-call plan to support Production needs?
How to set the culture to support distributed offices?
It comes with a powerful superpower: search our entire archive!
By default, every SWLW subscriber can search in the last 10 issues sent. You get to search over 355 issues from the past 7+ years! We give Supercharge customers the ability to search our entire (2500+ blog posts, videos and books) corpus that was shared on SWLW. This includes search inside the content itself, so if you need a post or video around some keyword, we got you covered!
Eden Shochat
Eden Shochat ()
Equal Partner at Aleph VC
“SWLW is one of the only currated emails re: entrepreneurship, engineering & getting things done that I don't have the urgency to delete. So much great stuff in a single mailing makes it worthwhile.“
Uri Nativ
Uri Nativ ()
VP Engineering at Klarna
“If you already understand that Software Development is actually about Culture and People, you'll really enjoy reading softwareleadweekly.com“
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